Being locked out of your house or car at night can be scary – and potentially dangerous. So, it is important to know what you should do while waiting for a locksmith to protect yourself.

If you happen to get locked out (or you accidentally lock yourself out), here are a couple of best-practice recommendations that can help prevent you from becoming a target.

Don’t DIY

Your first thought when you get locked out may be to attempt to pick the lock yourself. This can damage your lock, ultimately requiring a repair or replacement instead of a simple lockout service. Additionally, trying to climb through an unlocked window puts your safety at risk, and may well result in the police being called on you if a well-meaning passer-by happens to notice you. Just wait for the locksmith. That’s why you called them, after all.

Stay Safe

Your overall personal safety should be top priority during a lockout. If you find yourself locked out of your home at night, consider waiting in your locked, parked car. If that’s not available to you (perhaps because the car’s the thing you’re locked out of), make your way to a well-lit and preferably populated area – whether that be a café, an office block, or a manned train station.

If you live in a friendly neighbourhood, contact your neighbour and they may let you wait for the locksmith from their home. If you have friend or family members nearby, call them and ask them to keep you company. Finally, if you have a backyard, then make your way there and off the street, so passers-by can’t see you.

 Look like you’re busy and connected

Calling a friend or family member is a great way to help pass the time, and to feel secure until your locksmith reaches your location. The other benefit to doing so is that those around you know that you’re talking to someone – it’s a massive disincentive to approach you – especially if you’re Facetiming or video conferencing and there’s a risk that they might be caught on camera.

Don’t Stress – Nearby Locksmiths are here to help!

Being locked out is never convenient and can be particularly stressful and inconvenient after hours. One final thing to put yourself at ease is to call a locksmith that will be there quickly. Nearby Locksmiths proudly offers 24-hour emergency locksmith services. Our clients can trust us to arrive as soon as possible, no matter the time or day.

If you are locked out of your property or vehicle, contact Nearby Locksmiths, your 24-hour locksmith Bondi locals trust, on 0458 152 057.