It is no secret that when a business is closed, and the space is unoccupied by personnel that the risk of burglary increases. A burglary isn’t something you want to experience, even If your business does have the right insurance policy, therefore, to protect your commercial property, you need to secure the building and deter burglars from breaking in.

So, without further ado, here are ways to protect your business prom burglary:

Secure The Premises

Make sure you keep any valuable property in a safe place, including hidden safes. Block any access to your computers with a strong password to protect your businesses information, save all electronic data and keep a back up on an external drive.

Install Secure Locks on Doors and Entrances

Regularly checking the condition of your locks and making sure your locks that are installed are of the highest quality is vital in securing your business. If you are new to a premises, call your local locksmith to change and upgrade the locks, as you never know who the previous owner may have given spare keys too. Be sure to include a step in your closing instructions that the last person to leave your premises each day must lock all the doors and windows.

Install Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems may help reduce the risk of burglary at your commercial property and can assist in gathering evidence in the event of a break-in. Ensure that all surveillance systems are working properly and always make sure you have a backup power supply in case of an outage.

Install Alarm Systems

Another way to protect your business from theft is to install an alarm system. The presence of an alarm system is likely to deter any burglars away, and it can help you keep an eye on both internal and external threats.

Keep Track of Keys

Keep a logbook of all keys issued to employees and ensure that they are returned when employees leave your company. It is important to limit the number of people who have keys and access to expensive equipment. If you have a large business, consider installing an access control system, with personalised passes that can determine which areas of the building certain employees can access.

At Nearby Locksmiths we understand the importance of keeping your commercial property secure. We can assist with all aspects of emergency locksmith services, such as on-site re-keys and lockout services ensuring that your business premise is always safe and secure. Call us on 0458 152 057 for more information.