When it comes to your business, securing your commercial property is about more than just protecting against theft. A serious break in can cause more than just the loss of stock and cash, it can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damages and resulting in the loss of income and having to close your business. Business security is more than just ensuring that you have locked the front door when you finish your day. To keep your business safe, there are various things you can do.

At Nearby Locksmiths, we want to ensure that our clients know how to keep their business safe beyond installing secure locks. So, without further ado, here are our top five locksmith tips to secure a commercial property:

1. Undergo a security assessment

You may know your business operations back to front; however, do you know all the security holes in your current processes? A security assessment will be able to identify the possible gaps and provide recommendations on how you can enhance the safety of your business. A licenced locksmith will be able to identify the physical gaps in your security.

2. Secure the property

Once you have identified the security requirements of your business, it is time to secure the building. Make sure that you have substantial security at all access points to your premises. Install lighting around your building, install strong locks on the front and back doors, and put security grills or locks on all external windows.

3. Train your staff on safety and security

The most important part in keeping your business secure is making sure that your staff are trained in your processes and understand what to do in the event that something goes wrong. Train your staff on your opening and closing procedures, how to recognise security breaches, and what to do in the unlikely event of a robbery.

4. Install alarm systems and video surveillance

Video surveillance systems and alarms can help reduce the risk of a burglary at your commercial property, as well as gathering evidence in the event of a break-in. Making the presence of an alarm and video surveillance known is likely to deter any burglars away and will assist you in monitoring both internal and external threats.

5. Contact a professional locksmith

Last, but not least, the key to protecting your business is having a good locksmith to help you secure the property. If anything should go wrong with your security systems, having a local locksmith on your contact list who can provide 24-hour assistance can help ease any stress that comes with securing your property.

At Nearby Locksmiths, we understand the importance of keeping commercial premises secure, and have the expertise will all aspects of emergency locksmith services – this is why we are the locksmith Mascot businesses trust. Call us on 0458 152 057 for more information.