In any residential property, security is a top priority. If you are buying a new home, protecting your property from intruders can give you peace of mind. Therefore, changing and re-keying any locks in your home is crucial, this ensures that any old keys circulating can’t be used to gain access to you new home without you knowing.

How does re-keying work?

Your locksmith will pull apart the lock to re-key or change the pins inside the barrel itself so that the old key does not work anymore. This is a cost-effective way of changing your locks without having to replace the entire lock itself.

There are two main reasons why you should re-key, these are security and convenience.

1. Security: As a locksmith, we attend many properties after a burglary where there was no forced entry. In these cases, it is safe to assume that an older key or copy was used to enter. If you change your locks in your new property, you will have full control over who has keys.

2. Convenience: Some people like to unify their locks to one key to prevent any confusion. This is useful for owners of rental property or corporate organisations that need a master key for access to multiple locks within a building. These can be arranged to meet the needs of homeowners, businesses, and rental property owners.

Why hire a professional locksmith to change your locks?

Changing locks can be challenging, therefore a professional locksmith needs to do it for you. If you prefer not to re-key your locks, a full lock change may be the better option for you. This method comes with many advantages:

1. Replaces any faulty locks: A compromised lock can make it easy for burglars to force open, by replacing these, you have peace of mind that your new locks will secure your home.

2. Increased accessibility: A new lock means you can personalise it with the style you like. You can also fit the new lock according to the accessibility needs of love living in your home.

3. Aesthetics: Changing the locks, including the handle style, colour and design can make your doors look nicer.

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