Staying safe in all aspects in life is important, however, ensuring you are the safest at home is the most crucial. Door locks are a timeless security device, they ensure that your home is protected against intruders, giving you peace of mind that your belongings, and most importantly yourself and your family are secure.

However, sometimes a simple door lock isn’t enough to protect your home. Consider these following options that you could (and should) be doing to secure your home:

Install a Deadbolt

Deadbolts make doors very resistant to entry without the correct key. They are often used to compliment a spring bolt lock on an entry door to a building. Look for a Grade 1 deadbolt for your front door if you do not have one. The bolt is easy to use and has more strength than other models on the market.

Upgrade to Electric Locks

Electric locks use sophisticated technology to provide a high level of protection for your home. They provide a measure of additional security beyond what traditional lock and key doors achieve. The need for a physical key is removed, and the security level of an electric lock can be further reinforced by an access control system.

Video Doorbell

Installing a video doorbell adds a further level of security to protect your home. The biggest function and use is to determine who is at the front door. Not only can you see who is at the front door, but video doorbells also provide two-way communications, when the person is a stranger, it is often safer to determine what they need before opening the door.

Rekey The Lock

Consider rekeying your lock every once in a while. This is a useful solution for keeping your home safe as you can get the key layout on your door replaced with something new. A locksmith can help by taking out your old locking mechanism and installing a new one that requires a different shape for it to work properly.

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