Many people have concerns that a thief will use the services of a locksmith to gain access to a home that isn’t theirs. At Nearby Locksmiths, as your trusted local locksmith, we ensure that this could never happen.

To make sure that a thief isn’t using a locksmith to gain access to your home, we undergo security checks, this mainly includes checking your proof of address.

When we arrive to our client’s property, we will firstly ask for proof of identification, this usually is in the form of a driver’s licence or other ID cards that display addresses. We make sure that the address on the licence matches the property that we are working on. If the customer doesn’t have a driver’s licence or ID card on them, we will also accept a bill or letter that has their name and address displayed.

We understand that you may not always have access to photo identification in emergencies, this is especially true in the circumstances when you’re locked out unexpectedly.

In this case you can consider asking your:

Friendly Neighbours

Depending on the circumstance, it is possible that your locksmith may ask a neighbour to identify you. If you know your neighbours well, ask them to help prove your identity to the locksmith by confirming whether you rent or own the property. After the doors have been unlocked, you will likely have to show some form of ID to confirm that you are the resident that you say you are.

Nearby Family Members

If you have family members that live nearby, they may have documents, bills, or ID to prove that you are the resident of the property. It is also worthwhile giving them a spare key in case of emergencies.

At Nearby Locksmiths our propriety is our client’s safety. If you are locked out of your property and in need of a trusted local locksmith, contact us on 0458 152 057.