A restricted key system offers high security and control to any residential or commercial security door system. With this type of security system, keys can only be duplicated by an authorised person, and new keys can only be cut by the locksmith that originally produced the design.

Are you considering upgrading to a restricted key system? At Nearby Locksmiths, we have the qualification and experience to create  restricted key systems that ensure your keys will never be copied without authorisation and provide the ultimate in high security. These registered key systems are available in various security levels and configurations to suit your individual needs.

Whether you are looking to restrict access to certain parts of your business premises for staff or you want a safer security arrangement for your home, using a registered or restricted key system can be convenient and safe. Here’s a few benefits if you’re considering making the switch:

1.  Your locks will be more secure

The keys in a restricted key system are unique in their design and protected as only authorised people can make copies of the keys. This eliminates security issues caused by stolen, lost, and unauthorised copying that can happen with a standard key system.

2. More access and control

Restricted key systems can be customers to allow different levels of accessibility for individual key holders, including a universal master key. This way you will have peace of mind knowing exactly who can access areas of your business at all times. If you are installing this system in a residential property, such as a strata building, it allows residents access to certain levels and areas of the complex

3. Accurate record of your keys

At Nearby Locksmiths, we always put our clients first to guarantee their safety. Therefore, we keep detailed records of your restricted key system, this way you will always know how many copies have been cut, when they were cut, and who provided the authorisation.

4. More difficult to pick

Due to the unique and intricate design of a restricted key system, they are extremely difficult to pick and break into, or for another key to open the locks. As mentioned, this system guarantees that your keys cannot be duplicated without your consent. Restricted key systems provide secure access to buildings with multiple entry points, and only those authorised to have a key can access these areas.

At Nearby Locksmith, we have a wealth of experience in providing the most secure restrictive key systems Sydney has to offer. We have the knowledge and expertise to plan design and build mechanical and electronic restrictive key systems to work seamlessly with your current security system.

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