Making the switch to digital locks brings us a lot of significant benefits. It makes your life easier and more convenient. People are taking a keen interest in figuring out ways to upgrade and add value to their properties. A simple, and effective way to upgrading your home security is to easily add electronic door locks.

What are digital door locks?

Digital door locks are electronic, or battery-operated locks, that do not require the use of physical keys for access. They are fitted with automated features, providing a more creative  and seamless security solution. Like any other door lock, digital locks use a latch or a bolt that can run across the door and the doorframe to prevent access – what differs is how these are controlled.

There are various options available for a variety of budgets. It depends on how modern and sophisticated you would like your lock to be. At Nearby Locksmiths, we can provide you with guidance on which option will best suit your needs.

What are the benefits of digital door locks?

Keyless Entry

One of the most common phrases spoken every day is “where are my keys?”. With digital locks you will no longer be on the hunt for your keys. Depending on the type of lock you have installed, keyless entry allows you to open the door with the use of a keycode or a secure phone app.

Share access and manage users

If you need multiple people to access your home, a smart lock will have the option to share an access passcode and monitor its use through the mobile app. This type of cloud-based locking approach is extremely popular for residential properties.

Added security

Digital locks give you an extra level of security, and often allow you to monitor who is accessing your home. What’s more, is that most burglars know how to break a traditional lock; digital locks make your property more difficult to get into.

Better durability

Surprisingly, digital locks are very durable. Since they do not endure the repetitive friction of implanting and spinning keys, you lock can last for many years. Although its hardware may also suffer from natural decline like rusting, it will have little effect on the locking mechanism. Moreover, minimal force is needed in touching a screen or keypad on a digital lock, so it is nearly impossible to cause damage.

Flexible installation

Digital locks can be easily installed on any kind of standard door. This is what makes the installation of digital locks suitable for all home and commercial properties. What’s more, digital locks do not require any additional wired to connect to a power source. Each unit runs on batteries and will not need to tap into a power supply to function properly.

Are you considering upgrading to digital locks? We can help  you with your digital lock installation. We strive to stay informed and are always retraining to keep up with the changes to modern day technologies.

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