Did you know that one of the most common phrases people say daily is “Where are my keys?!”? No matter how good our memories are, sometimes we just forget our keys. But don’t fret, when this happens, Nearby Locksmiths are here for you!

To help you never forget your keys again, here is a list of simple tricks:

Give Them a Home

Usually, we tend to try and keep our keys in the same spot, but sometimes after a long day of work we throw them down, and they magically disappear. Consider creating a spot near your front door that is designated for your keys, such as a hook or dish that doesn’t get moved. The first thing you should always do when you come home is put your keys in that spot, this means that they will always be easy to find.

Bright and Flashy

If you are the type of person that can never find their keys, the solution can be as simple as adding a bright and flashy keyring or lanyard. This way they will be able to stand out amongst any clutter and will be easier to locate.

Create a New Habit

Did you know that it only takes three weeks to create a new habit? Training your brain to remember your keys is way easier than training your brain to exercise every day. Create a routine that includes turning off all the lights, grabbing your wallet and keys, and you’re ready to take on the day!

Another good tip is to always stop and think before you place your keys down, that way you will be able to consider if it is a good place to leave your keys or not.

Reminder Note

A simple note placed behind your front door saying, “Don’t forget your keys!” can go a long way. It will be the last thing you see when leaving your house and will force you to double check that you have your keys on you.

Although all these methods are very effective, chances are you may still forget your keys and need a locksmith.

If you are ever in need for a new set of keys or are locked out of your home or vehicle, contact the most trusted emergency locksmith Sydney can provide, Nearby Locksmiths, on 0458 152 057.