Being locked out of your property is a stressful situation, so it is important that when you call a locksmith to come and help, that you can place your trust in them. Nowadays there are many locksmiths to choose from, and it is easy to fall for the wrong one if you don’t do your proper research. However, your search for a reliable locksmith will be easy if you know the qualities to look out for.

So, without further ado, here is how to identify a trustworthy locksmith:

Are they fully qualified with a Master Licence?

It is important that your locksmith holds a Master Licence when providing their services. This will offer you peace of mind that your locksmith is fully qualified to secure your property and that a professional locksmith is assisting you. At Nearby Locksmiths we are proud to say that we are fully qualified locksmiths with a Master Licence.

Do they offer emergency locksmith services?

If you find yourself in a security emergency, you will require the services of a trustworthy emergency locksmith. Therefore, an efficient and reliable locksmith that will show up in a timely manner is what you need. Nearby Locksmiths operate 24/7, ensuring that we will be at your location as quickly as possible no matter the time.

Are they educated in locksmith services?

When calling a locksmith, you are seeking a professional and timely service and someone with the proper training and education. To become a Trade Qualified locksmith in Australia one must complete an Apprenticeship in Locksmithing through TAFE. Talk to your locksmith about their experience and education.

Do they prioritise customer safety?

The most important quality in a trustworthy locksmith is ensuring customer safety. At Nearby Locksmiths it is vital that we focus on keeping our customers calm and finishing the job quickly and professionally.

Are they affordable?

Every locksmith has different pricing for their services; however, the quality of services has a large impact on the final cost. It is important to be aware of extreme price offers. A trustworthy locksmith will provide you with a written invoice, this will provide you with proof of what you paid for, the services offered, and the contact information of the company.

If you are searching for a trustworthy Eastern Suburbs locksmith, look no further than Nearby Locksmiths. Contact us now via phone or email, and one of our fully qualified emergency locksmiths will be able to assist you.