Locksmiths do a lot more than pick locks and recover keys, in fact, a locksmith is priceless when it comes to home security. If you are planning on improving the security and safety of your home, it helps to know what to do beyond having secure locks.

So, without further ado, here are the top five locksmith tips to secure a home:

1.Change your locks

If you have purchased a new home, once you are officially moved in, immediately change the locks. The last thing you want as a new homeowner is for the locks to be compromised, as you are never fully aware of how many keys are around. Consider rekeying your locks, a locksmith will simply change the configuration of the internal mechanisms of your locks, making the old keys useless. The locksmith will then cut new keys to work with the new configuration.

2.Duplicate Your Keys

Once you have rekeyed your locks, make a few copies of your keys. However, avoid hiding the keys in traditional locations such as under the doormat, or under a rock. Home intruders will typically search around the area surrounding your door. To be safe our recommendation is to give a spare key to a trusted friend or neighbour that you can get in case of a lockout.

 3.Install a Deadbolt

Deadbolts offer higher protection than a handle lock, but only if they are installed correctly. If you don’t have deadbolts, hire a qualified locksmith to ensure they are installed properly. If a window is located right near your front door, consider installing a double cylinder lock that requires a key to unlock.

 4.Home Security Systems

If you want to go the extra mile, implement a home security system or motion-activated light by your front door. A security system can notify authorities if there is an attempted break in, and a motion-activated light can alert you or your neighbours any movement by your front door.

 5.Hire a Trusted Locksmith

Lastly, as a homeowner you should hire a qualified and established locksmith that you can trust. A skilled locksmith will install the locks properly and help maintain the highest security at your home.

At Nearby Locksmiths, our priority is to always ensure your property is fully secure. If you are looking to change your security systems, contact Nearby Locksmiths, the locksmith Bondi Junction locals trust, on 0458 152 057.