No day as a locksmith is ever the same, people tend to find themselves in all kinds of situations and various reasons as to why they need our help. Although being locked out of home can be a stressful situation, hilarious and bizarre situations bring humor and joy into our work.

Here are some of our favorite locksmith customer moments:

The FBI are breaking into my home!

We had someone call us up numerous times to change their locks as they believed the ‘CIA FBI Government’ were breaking into his home and moving his furniture and things around. We ended up installing a 001 touch deadlatch and had to explain to him that locksmiths can not even open it without damage.

Dog Tug of War

After responding to a late-night lockout, we decided to use our under-door tool (which slides under the door to pull down the lever from the inside) to gain entry. To our surprise the owners dog grabbed the tool and tried to pull it out of my hands, the dog succeeded. Because of our defeat we had to pick the door open instead.

Husband and Wife Wars

We started to get calls to the same household to change their locks numerous times. Each time we would go it was either the husband or the wife requesting a change in locks, and it turned out that they kept changing the locks on each other!

We can’t reach our relative!

We were called to an elderly resident’s home as his relatives were concerned and could not reach him. To our surprise, he did not have his hearing aid in, and once gaining entry the funny old fella laughed and called us all silly.

The Sleepy Boyfriend

We were called for an emergency lockout, and as we were trying to pick the door open so the young lady can access her home, her boyfriend opened the door and explained that he was sleeping.

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