If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are locked out of your home or vehicle, your first idea may be to try and work out how to get back inside by yourself, however this can cause more damage than good. It is important to call your local, trusted, and professional locksmith to take away the stress of entering your property or vehicle.

If you decide to pick your own locks, you may cause damage and permanent issues to them, this may include:

  • Damaging your springs: The most common way to ruin a lock from lock picking is by damaging the springs. The springs in a lock are designed to withstand only simple and gentle forces of the key lifting pins. When picking a lock, this could cause the springs to be pushed past their natural abilities causing them to deform or break. This can cause issues to the lock’s functionality, including being able to use the key.
  • Jamming the lock: If you don’t know how to professionally pick a lock, chances are you will break the tool you are using to open the lock rather than being successful. One of the most common reasons why lock picks break is due to it getting stuck in the keyway whilst the picker is manoeuvring them. This causes damage to both the tool you use and the lock itself.

Traditional door and car locks have become more complex and harder to pick over time, without the right knowledge, tools, and techniques it is nearly impossible to pick a lock without causing damage.

So, how can you avoid damaging your locks?

The answer is simple, contact Nearby Locksmiths, the finest emergency locksmith Coogee local’s trust. A trustworthy locksmith will have the proper knowledge on how to pick your lock and get you back into your home or vehicle without any damage.

We operate 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and aim to be at your location as quickly as possible. When contacting us for our emergency locksmith Coogee services, you will be attended by a fully qualified and licenced locksmith that ensure our customers are treated with the highest form of care and professionalism.